Starting this new school year Sept 2017, we are switching over to software from PT Avenue. This package has been approved and endorsed by our Washington State PTSA Board.

We used a portion of this package last school year and it was acceptable. We are now utilizing the full package and implementing Self Registration for new and existing members.  We ask for your patience as we work thru this new process.  Any issues or feedback please contact


Step One           Please review the sign-up guidance located here. [optional]

Step Two           Proceed to the self-registration located here.  (


Thank you for your support of Newport High School PTSA .  We are striving to make every child's potential a reality by supporting the school and its teachers.  The PTSA cannot do this without you.  Thank you.



Albert Jee

NHS Vice President PTSA

PS: With this new package we have an online membership  directory and an optional printed membership directory available thru the e-store!




Q:  I received payment confirmation, but my membership profile shows not paid?

A:  This is an idiosyncrasy with our new software package from PT-Avenue.  After your order, we need to do a manual fulfillment step, once done your profile will get updated and you should get an email with your PTSA membership card within 3-5 business days.

Q:  I have already paid and signed-up, what is the proper URL to get back to the Membership Portal?


Q:  When do I get my new PTSA Membership card?

A:  You should be receiving your PTSA Membership card via email within 3-5 business days.  If not, please contact

Q:  How do I access the online membership directory?


A: For paid members, access it via the Membership Portal.


Q:  I purchased a printed Membership directory booklet, when will this become available?


A:  Barring no technical  production issues, we are aiming for mid-November 2017. We are hoping for a minimum purchase of fifty (50) copies in order to make this a viable production order.  Otherwise, we will refund your purchase amount.


Q:  I requested for a new password or password reset and received no response.


A.  Double-check your Junk email folder, the email is generally from this domain "*"


Q:  Do I need to purchase a Student PTSA membership for my child?


A:  All students are honorary PTSA members but to speak and vote at a meeting a membership fee of $10.00 is required.


Q:  How do I enter data for a Family Membership?


A:  Each Family Membership includes two parent's names and 2 parent's emails.  Each member will get a separate PTSA membership card via email.